Hazelmere House Farm (Surrey, BC)

Oh my. Where do I start about this venue? 

We’ve met with Sheri on Instagram, and I immediately felt the connection. Sheri is a very creative, strong, independent woman with a beautiful vision of life and happiness. She got the farm 20 years ago and fell in love with this lifestyle. Starting from scratch, with an empty land, she brought life to this area, adding trees, wildflowers, and just letting it be. Sheri’s passion is garlic cultivation in particular, and it indeed is thriving there! When in season, the smell of it is simply mouthwatering.


Anastasia: How would you describe your venue in 5 words?

Sheri: Rustic, private, evolving, natural, park like gardens, vintage.

Sheri and her partner Matt are both creative types: photographers and videographers. They wanted their space to be open to almost any ideas, and to say they succeeded is an understatement. Right when you arrive you start feeling it: opportunities! 🤩 Let’s dive into them.

The way the farm is set up is it has different creative zones. Here is an improvised map of all of them:

Right next to the farmhouse

Right from the entrance you will notice a beautiful century-old farmhouse and its welcoming and friendly hosts. 😊 There is an area on the right with a very pretty lawn and old trees, covering the creek (YES, there is a creek!). If you follow the direction of the creek, you find a secluded area with a tiny picturesque bridge, welcoming you right into the shade of wisteria vines. 


Right next to it you will find a very cute setup with the fence that is perfect for Christmas photos! 

Farm road, ivy and the field

Moving deeper into the farm, take the perimeter road to check out a gorgeous ivy tree. It creates a beautiful arch right over the road, and is so dreamy for any photo project at any time of the year!


In fact, the entire perimeter farm road offers a wonderful outlook of the venue and gives you those country vibes you are looking for. 

There is a huge field of wildflowers that seem to be there by accident, but in fact, were left in there very strategically. Sheri loves wilderness and is striving to preserve its organic beauty as much as possible. She makes sure the bees can find a stronghold at her farm, and I’m sure will tell you the name of her neighborly crow! 😊

White gauze tent

You will find a few surprise setups on the field. One of them is this beautiful weightless tent that Matt constructed himself. It’s great for so many kinds of shoots if you are looking for these light, airy, rustic vibes, and perfectly diffused sunlight on your model’s faces. 

The victorian Sofa

Another great piece for your production we found right next to the tent: a beautifully worn-out victorian sofa. It will be great for any group family photoshoots, wedding photos, or posing your fashion models.

The rusty cart

This trolley hidden in the tall grass looks so organic in there that I can’t imagine it being anywhere else. Yet another great piece to pose your models around it!

Sunflower field and the old truck

When we visited, the sunflower field was just started. Sheri is generously sharing the progress of the field on the farm’s Instagram – check it out to start planning your project there! The field is not huge, but of substantial size for any sunflower photoshoot, so you don’t have to look any further for those sunflower festival tickets! 🙃

There is this handsome rusty truck right in front of the sunflower field. It’s a statement on its own, but also can you imagine projects and portraits you can shoot next to it? 😍

The retro trailer

if you keep walking along the perimeter, you will find yourself next to this beautiful retro trailer. Unfortunately, there is no access to inside, but it still makes a beautiful background for any type of creative photos, portraits, or wedding shots.

The barn

And of course, the heart of the creative part of the farm: The Barn!

It’s this building that made me think of Hazelmere Farm as about Disneyland for photographers. 🤩 You will not only find it photogenic on its own, with its rustic cured look, being a beautiful background for your photos but also an endless source of props. OMG. There are so many treasures in there! What’s even better: Sheri currently allows you to use it all free of charge, and it’s included when you book the farm for your event or production! Bam.


From smaller pieces like signs and hangings to bigger ones – strollers, sofas, bikes, and tractors – it all is carefully handpicked by Sheri with her flawless taste and is available for your projects. 

Sheri inspires and supports creativity! That’s why if you need a certain setup custom to your project, she and Matt are there for you! They will place the props in the spots you’d like, and make sure everything works together. All you need is a bit of planning ahead to allow some time for Matt to move bigger pieces in their places. How amazing is that?

The easter eggs

I encourage you to have a walk around the farm in advance when you first book it because it’s full of amazing opportunities! You will find some smaller easter eggs in there: carefully placed decor pieces, patches of taller grass, smaller arranged areas, and huge variety of angles. 

The venue details and booking

Anastasia: Why creatives should book you?

Sheri: My location is great for creatives as I’m a creative. I’m always growing and changing up the property, sets, and planting flowers and gardens for seasonal shoots. I keep the grasses long for texture, colour… then I have some formal gardens.
There is lots of parking and room for tents and setups. Private, flat and accessible.


Hazelmere House Farm is available for photoshoots and smaller productions. Naturally, Sheri would like to preserve the wilderness of the farm and is trying to keep the crowd small in order to let the area thrive and recover quickly.

You are welcome to book Hazelmere House Farm for the following events:

  • Photoshoots: fashion, family, portrait, grad, engagements, kids, influencers, and almost anything!
  • Video productions, such as films, commercials, music videos.
  • Micro weddings and celebrations, elopements, picnics (15-ish people).
  • Sheri is also very kind to offer her venue for staged events for other creatives, so they could get their work out there! 🖤

Be mindful of the limited parking space and the number of staff members you are inviting.


The farm is only closed on holidays. Anything else is negotiable, as long as the hosts’ lifestyle is respected.


Practically all pieces of the Sheri collection, and most of the farm locations are available for your projects. Please make sure to discuss your project needs with the hosts in advance – Sheri will be very happy to consult and help you realize it!

You will be asked to respect private areas of the farm.

There is no washroom on-site, but there is one right next door, at Chevron gas station.

The hosts ask for $150 for half of the day (4 hours).
Full-day booking: $250.
It includes all props available on site!


18620 16 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada
Instagram to contact Sheri for bookings: @willow.crow.


All in all, it’s a true gem for anyone who is looking for a private secluded venue for their next event around Greater Vancouver! You will feel like you want to go back there over and over, as the opportunities are endless. It makes an amazing micro wedding venue, or place for an elopement ceremony, but also welcomes almost any other type of events!

I do hope to see you there!

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