How many hours of photography is enough for a wedding?

Are you getting ready for the most important day of your life or another event that will mark your existence? Then you definitely want to immortalize these fragments of your life in the form of never-dying memories or, as most people know, in the form of photographs. But, just how many hours of photography are enough to make sure every part of your precious event will be captured for eternity? Most certainly you will want the photographer to be there for you when you need it. So, how much is enough and how much is insufficient?

Weddings are, besides opening the doors to another chapter in people’s lives, a true ritual. Starting with the moment when the young couple gets ready to meet their better halves, showing gratitude and saying goodbye to their families, to the part where everybody celebrates the union of two people in honest and true love. Most of these things are not expressed in words but can be seen on the faces and emotions of everyone involved. As a photographer, my primary mission is to capture all of these moments in images and provide an amazing timeline of the entire event to the newlywed couple and their families.

I often receive the question “how long do I need a photographer for my wedding?” from the young couples that are contacting me for their wedding photos. Of course, a lot depends on what is your list of wedding photos looks like. However, my recommendation is, in most cases, to be there with them for at least 6, but even better, 8 hours. During this time, I will be able to capture the most essential parts of their day, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception party. Each section of the wedding has its own charm and will generate a different set of emotions. Just think about the feelings of nervousness and heart racing as you get ready to meet your chosen one at the altar. Seeing all your family and friends being happy for you as you say “yes” and holding your spouse in your arms for the first time after your relationship has been made official in front of the entire world, are incredible moments that deserve to be captured in images. This is why I need to be there with the couple every step of the way.

So, 8 hours of photography are sufficient to help me provide a set of memories that will be cherished for the rest of your life. But, in case your wedding reception includes sparklers send-off, I recommend having 10 hours of photography. This way, you will be able to add photos of this particular moment to your album as well. A wedding is a unique lifetime event, so 8 or 10 hours of photography will seem insignificant. But, in the end, you will enjoy gorgeous photos that will mark your special moments in the most beautiful way possible. I will make sure not to miss anything and provide what I promise to all the couples that are looking to get married, and that is a stunning wedding album.

Is your wedding coming up soon? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, so we can meet and discuss the photos that will celebrate your most magical day.