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Authentic Family and kids portraits

Hi! My name is Anastasia, I’m a photographer in BC, Canada.

My passion is to capture vibrant, emotional moments. That’s why I really enjoy creating candid family and kids photography for my clients!

Photography with your closest people in the world is like a time machine.
What would you like to remember forever?
Is it your kid’s funny curly hair that you know will eventually straighten up?
Or maybe you and your family are going through an exciting time in your lives, and you want to capture sensation of it!

Let me capture these sentiments for you!

Family sessions cover a wide range of photography:

Family candid photos.

Maternity family portraits for expecting families.

Extended family more formal (but still super fun!) portraits.

“Mommy and me” photography.

Children portraits.

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Oh those Funny, in-between or completely winged moments! 😍

What I love the most in family sessions are those unexpected surprises they gift us. A stolen kiss, kid’s laughter, or a pet doing something totally goofy! This is what I’m looking forward to when capturing your day for you.

The secret is – you can’t rehearse it! All you can do is to relax and to be yourself – this is when the magic happens.

These are the photos with your family or significant other that are real, raw and unfiltered. This is what counts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will get in touch with you with some questions about the project and your availability. I hope to meet you! Whether it’s a video chat, phone call, or in person over a cup of coffee!

Yes, it’s possible! There are plenty of amazing photo spaces for rent – from photo studios to living environments. 

There is also an opportunity to use your own living space, a pretty cafe or a library.

I’ve got you!

There is no single answer for this question since every project is different.

But I will guide you through the process, that will be unique to your photo shoot, and make sure you know what to expect at every step of it!

Depending on theme of a shoot, answer might be different.

General rule is to wear something your family feels confident and powerful in. Try not to wear neon colors (they don’t play well on camera), unless they are imperative to style of your session.

If it’s raining on the time of the shoot, we will have to reschedule to the nearest available date.

If you are counting weeks, schedule your session around 30 weeks of pregnancy. Don’t wait for too long though – posing around due date might be uncomfortable!

I looove photographing children! They give camera genuine unfiltered emotions that are absolutely unique. More often than not, I don’t even have to ask for that!

And they seem to like me too. So I will try to get the conversation going with your kid, and maybe bribe them a bit with organic hard candies (if allowed by parents).

It usually helps if I know your child’s interests to start a conversation. I also have some fun easy prompts for kids that might change their mood to the better!

Consider scheduling your photo session around their nap time, when they are at their best.

Rest assured, I’ll do everything possible to connect with your kid for the most adorable photos!

1 hour of a lifestyle outdoor family photo session is C$300. All you need for that is yourself and your loved ones in your fav outfits and good mood! 🙂

1 hour lifestyle session usually yields 30 photos as a result.

I’ll be honest – it never happened to me. Why? Because I always keep my clients posted and show results on the back screen of my camera! If something is off, we catch it early, and I retake that photo right there.

My vision, but you are in control! 🤝

Within 2 weeks after our photo session I will send you a link to your gallery where you can select images you like the best.

I will retouch them for final delivery for you.

And then the images will become available in full resolution, ready for download and print!


I got a few options for you.

First – you will be able to order high quality professional prints right from your gallery.
I will consult you on the best options based on your particular choice of image and display.

Second – for those of you who would like to order a high end fine art print or an album. I collaborate with Decora album studio based in Ontario. Their albums and prints are absolutely stunning, and are worthy of becoming a true piece of your heirloom. We will go through the options together so you could make your choice!

My clients are saying

As I am looking at the results of a family photo-shoot we've had with Anastasia I am literally in LOVE with every single photo!
Our photos turned out fabulously! And the kids loved her! She really knew how to get them going to get fantastic photos!
It was so much fun! Anastasia captured natural but vivid moments. Love the results. Every photo is a little story ❤

Want some magic for your family photoshoot?