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Hi! My name is Anastasia, I’m a photographer in BC, Canada.

You know, I’m a little nerd. I do love cameras, photo editing. Really enjoy bringing film-style editing to my photographs, while keeping color true to life, so it doesn’t look “so 202X” 20 years later.

But what keeps me in the profession is actually capturing all these colorful, vibrant, emotional moments of people’s lives. 
Witnessing your story happening, and helping to save these memories for you.

I do believe it goes so much beyond the right dress – oh man, sometimes it’s not about a dress at all! (Still, please, make sure you treat yourself with a nice dress 😉)
It’s all about that raw, real story of you two, with all its laughs, cries, first everything together.

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Little details is everything

There will be lots of moments on your wedding day I would love for you to keep.
Some moments you wouldn’t even notice if there wasn’t for a photograph.
Some you were part of, and otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to notice. 
Big laughs, kids tricks, dorky dances, real talks – your wedding consists of these little events.
I totally get it – you want to savor it all, and I’m all over your wedding to capture it!

why me?

Full disclosure: if you are looking for the best, it’s probably not me! 🙃
But I am really good at what I do: I have a designer’s eye, great technical skills, sense of color and composition. 

However, it’s not what matters!

What does is – would you feel comfortable with me photographing you on your wedding day? It’s super important that you feel that way because I want you to relax and trust me on your special day, focusing on what matters – which is you two.

Just think about it: I’ll be shadowing you almost all the time, having small talks with your guests while photographing them. It would be nice if while doing that, we also like each other on human level, right? 

Because this is where you relax and allow natural emotions to come out, which leads to great photographs! 🤩

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Get in touch with me, and we’ll discuss it in detail.

I’m all about candid documentary photography style, so I will try to direct you as little as possible. All you need is just to be yourselves and enjoy your day – I’m there to capture it as it is.

Although, some very simple posing might be involved, especially when it comes to formal photos with your families.

I totally get it! Have very few photographs of myself, to be honest.

But here is a trick. When you forget about me being around, and just enjoy yourselves, dance, and have a cake – this is where the best shots happen.

So basically all I ask you is to ignore me all day, and you’ll get the best takes! 😄

The full day wedding photography experience starts at C$3500. It includes:

  • Myself as a photographer for your entire wedding day (which is usually about 8 hours or a bit more, within reason).
  • Digital delivery of full resolution, watermark-free photos for personal use to share and print.
  • Stunning heirloom fine art album in a box.
  • Complimentary engagement session.
If you are planning an elopement or a smaller wedding, shoot me a message anyway, because I’ll be able to accomodate custom requests too!

I do strongly believe that photos are meant to be displayed, and not hidden on a hard drive.

A gorgeous fine art album in a box is included in my wedding package.

If you want more, I collaborate with Decora album studio based in Ontario. Their albums and prints are absolutely stunning, and are worthy of becoming a true piece of your heirloom. We will go through the options together so you could make your choice!

It’s very easy – send me your information, and I will take it from there!

We’ll find a way to chat, and if it’s a fit, you can secure your date with a deposit right away.

My clients are saying

Sameed and I could not be any more in LOVE with our photos. We can't even decide which ones to get printed!
Shooting with Anastasia was very comfortable, fun and she provided SO many amazing shots. Definitely recommend!!
Anastasia is a very professional perfectionist who produces quality work. Above all, she is very human, kind and adapts to your personality.