What's in my wedding photography contract?

Questions around wedding contract are, I think, one of the most asked ones. And this is understandable: you really want to make sure you actually have rights on the product you are getting. Like any other contract, photography agreement includes rules and regulations of the service and the term and conditions which are agreed upon by and are binding on both the client and the photographer.

The basic purpose of the photography contract is to set limits and define rights of both the photographer and the client so as to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. It not only protects rights but also helps to set expectations for all parties.

I have seen stories on wedding forums where clients were getting a hard time from their photographers after the events because they didn’t have the contract signed. Some stories went as far as refusal of photo delivery.

I want my clients feel safe and secure when they book my services. Therefore, I have prepared the contract to protect my potential clients and myself. It’s neither very long nor intimidating; it is a simple piece of understanding between you and me.

It states that you can only use the photos for personal purposes, and not for sale. You are not allowed to use the photos to make money in any shape or form by either selling or advertising them or any other way possible.

However, you are absolutely free to use them for personal purposes in any way you desire. You can print the photos and make albums for your friends and family in unlimited quantity and size.

My contract clearly states that photos provided by me will not be watermarked. It also protects the quality of my service by describing the best photography conditions essential for quality photographs.  And lastly, it covers my copyright for all the photos. I will own the copyright of all the photos taken by me.

You can click on the link below to request example of my contract.