5 things a bride can control to look good on wedding photos

Planning a wedding can be stressful yet exciting. It is the most special day of your life and you have to put in the effort to make it beautiful. Getting everything ready from the dress to the flowers, guests, food, and much more can demand so much physical and emotional strength. The frustrating part of it all is that most of these factors can quickly spiral out of your control.

As a bride who will be the star of the day, such setbacks shouldn’t dampen your spirit. Rather, you should focus on those things you CAN control such as your looks on your wedding photos.

Yes, no wedding is complete without a professional photographer dedicating hours to take perfect pictures of the beautiful bride. To help you de-stress the situation, I prepared a list of the tips on how to look good on wedding photos.

1. The hair

What hairstyles have you considered with your hairstylist for the wedding? Some brides like to take their hair down and pull off a specific look but from my experience in photography, this doesn’t work out so well. Letting your hair down hides your face on candid photos. Hence, the best solution has always been an updo and alternatively, leaving both or one side of the face exposed with the hair pulled back.

2. The bra hack

Bras and wedding dresses can threaten your peace of mind. You keep worrying about something falling apart and this ruins your comfort levels. Try a bra hack by having it sewn into the wedding dress. This way your bra or dress won’t be making any shocking moves and you feel confident and in control of how you look for wedding photos!

3. Hide the Q-tips

Hide a few Q-tips in your bouquet for quick makeup touch up before important wedding photos. We know a wedding can take hours and your makeup can only hold out for so long without adjustments. So, having Q-tips handy keeps you prepared to fix anything when the photographer starts clicking.

4. Find your angles

Everyone should know their best angles for a picture. As a professional photographer, I always do my best to discover them on the spot and capture you in the most flattering way. However, it helps when you can identify your best angles. You can practice in front of a mirror to discover the poses or angles that suit you. You can also check old pictures for what seems perfect to you.

5. Sleep like a princess

A bride should never neglect her beauty sleep. This is essential during the wedding preparations and vital on the night before your wedding day. Melatonin from sleep helps to de-stress a person and keep you relaxed. Consider taking some extra melatonin in a form of pill before you go to bed on the day before the wedding. This ensures you appear fresh, happy, and relaxed on wedding pictures; which is what all brides want.

Another important thing you can control to look good on your wedding day and wedding pictures is hiring an experienced photographer. Taking pictures of your happy moments is my passion and profession. Rest assured I know you want pictures people can fawn over and I will provide that!